Ateso Four Spiritual Laws Tract on Paper

Below are the places that I found on the internet that sell the Four Spir-itual Laws on paper. Some ministries will sell in only one language. Some will sell in multiple languages. Please try putting the name of the language you are looking for in the search engine or putting the words Four Spiritual Laws in the search engine or putting the name of the lan-guage with the words Four Spiritual Laws.
The places with the most languages are Here’s Life and Power to Change.

AFC Bookstore
This place sells mainly Chinese materials.


Amazon Canada

Amazon India

Amazon Mexico

Bible in My Language

Chinese Holy Bible


Church Growth

Cru Singapore Media Ministry

CRU Store
Cru used to be Campus Crusade for Christ. The orginal tract was published by Campus Crusade for Christ. It was written by Bill Bright.


Equipping the Saints

Gospel Folio Press

Here’s Life
This ministry allows you to print the tracts off the internet in many languages.

This ministry is in Australia.


Living Avenue


Nest Learning

Power to Change
This website has the tracts is many languages.


Please also visit these websites regarding The Four Spiritual Laws Tracts:

Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws Tracts in 96 Languages

Bilingual Tracts for Phones in 74 Languages

Four Spiritual Laws Tract Online in 158 Languages